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Hello Today I Would Like to tell you how to target real estate agents and increase your sales with the National Real Estate Agent List.

I would like to show you how to get your message out to thousands of people for free or as cheap as possible. Our number one goal here is to help you increase your sales. Target Marketing by using an email list is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to get new customers.

You can see when you increase your sales, like magic your cost per sale goes down. So every sale you make will help drive your costs down. Now Amazingly once your costs start going down, your Profit margins start going up. Lets face it we all are looking to make more profit.

This is a Free, as well as one of the most popular ways to use your list to make more sales by sending email fliers. If you are not currently an agent this is not as important for you. I will have plenty for you in a second. If you are an agent simply make an email flier of your current listings and email them to your local agents. Everyone knows that in most markets, another real estate agent will bring you a buyer to purchase your listing, ten times more often than an agent finding a buyer for their own listing. We have an email address for almost all the real estate agents. If you like we will give you plenty of templates to make the perfect flier.

Another free way to use this list is to send email offers. Many people have uses these lists to sell products and services to real estate agents. Some of the products that have been successfully marketed are, Contact management software, real estate books, real estate schools, real estate coaching and sales training, office equipment and products, websites services, telecommunications and printing services, MLM and Direct sales positions, as well of hundreds of other products and services real estate agents Use each and every day

You can also use your list to do direct mail marketing. We try and keep addresses updated constantly This allows your direct mail campaign will be most effective. A lot of customers use postcards are a very cost effective way of doing a direct mail program.

One more free method is to fax your listing or sales message to real estate agents. Every real estate agent I know has a fax machine and they use it almost daily. The right message can really make a difference in your marketing program.

All of our State and National Real estate agent lists will include: Email address- for cheap and effective email campaigns. Phone Number- for telemarketing or just following up. Street Address- for those direct mail campaigns. Fax Number- for fax blast or faxing Listings. All of our lists include: First and Last Name, City, State and Zip- for targeting, brokerage office for recruiting etc. and web address if they happen to have one.

You can get your list today and be one of the hundreds of people that have used targeted lists to increase their sales. You can Download your list immediately, you can look at all the different states and see how many agents are in each state as well as the prices



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