Where should Photography Wahrenburg out
The question we can not answer really accurate. (bruidsfotograaf) The ultimate goal is to take pictures. That should always remain so. At the moment we are still in a tasting phase by possible many areas of photography, we (especially the People Photography) illuminate and want to try us. A clear goal is therefore not yet been set, since we have not yet seen and tried everything.
What awaits you on this blog
On this blog we want to implement different ideas. One would of course be showing our work.This we would like to comment and then discuss it with you. Of course we hope for a lot of constructive criticism and much much approval (bruidsfotograaf)
But besides the Lobhascherei we want to write about photography itself and what belongs to all around. So Photographic technology, image processing, etc.
Since we ourselves still at the beginning of photography and lächzen always looking for new experiences and knowledge, to the blog serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Because you can learn always something.