By train:
Myanmar has a large rail network built in colonial times by the British. Since then it has not been modernized so long train ride can be uncomfortable and endless. (μεταφορες μετακομισεις)It is certainly preferable buses trains to travel Myanmar. The roads are in poor condition making the old cars not stop shaking and moving from side to side. There are 3 classes; the economy with wooden seats, the second class with padded seats and class that has beds to sleep. You can buy tickets on the train and you can pay in dollars, but it will always pay more than locals.
Tips and points to consider: (μετακομισεις αθηνα)
- The long distances we recommend the third class with bunk beds. Although the prices are very high (over $ 35 for long journeys as Yangon to Mandalay) so it is best to take the bus. 
- The most recommended trip is to the section from Hsipaw and Lashio to Pyin Oo Lwin to witness the Goteik viaduct, one of the largest in the world and in which I talk on my route for Myanmar (Burma).